Boarding Pass: UAE Police Warned

A senior Dubai police official has asked passengers to refrain from sharing their boarding pass photos and travel details on social media.

Marat police have warned passengers not to post pictures of their boarding passes on social media. A senior official cited a case received by police in which a celebrity was robbed after posting his travel details on social media.

Speaking to Gulf media, Col. Saeed Al-Hajri, director of the Dubai Police’s Cyber ​​Crime Combating Department, said boarding passes contain bar codes and other information.

The officer warned that criminal gangs could use personal details to commit identity theft and commit crimes.

He said that many people like to show that they are traveling in first or business class and post pictures of their boarding passes on social media. These passengers do not realize that the culprit is their personal data. Can access.

“A lot of people don’t know how far groups can go to get their personal information. I ask passengers to keep their personal data, boarding pass photos or travel plans safe,” he said. Don’t post on social media.

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