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BNB chain update alarm list: currently 191 suspicious projects and dApps

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BNB Chain (BNB), the blockchain developed by Binance, publishes a so-called Red Alert list which includes high-risk projects and decentralized applications (dApps) based purely on the assessment of smart contracts. For example, these projects could relate to back pulls or scam. Often, the contracts of these risky dApps do not match their advertised features, putting users at risk of losing money.

191 risky projects on BNB Chain

Currently, this list contains 191 different projects that are either suspected of issuing counterfeit tokens, high or opaque tax rates, or simply because their websites or Twitter profile cannot be accessed.

Through the so-called Risk scanner users can scan any smart contract on the BNB Chain for risks. Of the current Red Alarm list projects, three – CycGo, Piston token and Short Finance – were flagged after being suspected of being funded by assets sourced from Tornado.

It is important to note that BNB Chain’s proactive warning is not investment advice and does not reflect the risk level of the underlying dApp. Instead, it aims to help users do their research before making decisions on where to put their money.

Decentralized storage on BNB Chain

On April 10, BNB Chain also began testing BNB Greenfield, an internal effort to deliver decentralized storage solutions. This testnet, called Congo, provides a robust foundation for developers and and the community to refine and build upon in future testnet releases. BNB Greenfield is expected to be on the market in the third quarter of this year mainnet be launched.

BNB Greenfield is an innovative blockchain and storage platform that aims to harness the power of decentralized technology for data ownership and the data economy. It is a decentralized, open source storage chain with BNB as token.

Greenfield strives to provide the fastest data service among the decentralized storage solutions with cost-effective features similar to the centralized cloud storage.

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