BMW’s ad inspired by KITT, the Pontiac from ‘The Fantastic Car’

The decade of the eighty it was a pivotal time in the industry music, television Y cinematographic. During these years, some of the classics that remain to this day were born. One of them is The fantastic car, a series that marked the childhood of motor lovers.

david hasseloff he put himself in the shoes of michael knighta special agent whose mission was to combat the crime. To do this, he had the help of a high-tech weapon: kitt.

inspired by a Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am V8 Third generation, this vehicle was equipped with an advanced artificial intelligence assistant, which allowed it to communicate with the protagonist and go to him thanks to three words: “KITT, I need you.”

BMW’s new feature

40 years After the premiere of this series, BMW wanted to appeal to nostalgia with a video on its Instagram account to announce a new tool in their vehicles.

In it, the actor appears david hasseloff climbed into a more modern Pontiac than the one he used to drive, but with the voice of kitt. In the footage, the actor asks the vehicle if he knows anything about DEE, the new character present in BMW. He says no, but he hopes to meet her in Las Vegas very soon.

Finally, KITT activates the party mode, because, according to the actor, “what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas.”

Everything indicates that the new element of the BMW family will be an assistant artificial intelligence built into their vehicles with which the driver will be able to communicate.

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Still no clues as to what functions it will perform or in which vehicles it will be available, but what the brand has confirmed in another publication of its profile is that it will arrive in the year 2023.

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