BMW Spain Motorsport seeks new challenges

If we look back, we don’t have to do much to find the first national participation of BMW Spain Motorsport. The first official team in our country of the German brand debuted in various events during the 2022 season and its performance resulted in the victory of its category in the Spanish Resistance Championship and a second place in the GT Winter Series. The sensations were unbeatable and the objectives were increasing, to the point that now the structure will go out in search of new challenges in 2023. For this they will have a new competition weapon, the M4 GT4 of the Bavarian brand, and a new scenario: the GT-CER.

BMW Spain Motorsport return to the circuits with a prototype that has been developed to win races and titles, just like its predecessor (the BMW M2 CS Racing). The history invites to dream and its line-up, too, since the team will keep at the wheel José Manuel de los Milagros and Nerea Martí, a pilot coming from single-seaters, who has adapted perfectly to endurance racing. The couple with whom debuted, surprised and triumphed the structure, remains facing a new exciting course where the M4 GT4 will have four key areas: performance, reliability, profitability and maintenance.

The man from Madrid and the Valencian will once again be in charge of guiding a BMW that presents itself as one of the most promising cars of the new season, which will start on April 1 in Navarra. The Spanish contest will have a total of six appointments on a calendar, which as an exception will visit the neighboring territory on its second weekend (May 6 and 7 will be the visit to Portimao), and it will be on December 1, when Barcelona closes a course where the M4 GT4, has inherited many genes of the M4 GT3 to return to succeed in a battle, where the use of sustainable materials It will also have a place thanks to the alliance of the German brand with Bcomp. Another great bet by a team that goes for everything.

GT-CER 2023 Calendar

April 1 and 2Navarre
May 6 and 7Portimão
June 17 and 18Aragon
September 23 and 24Valencia
November 11 and 12Sherry
December 1 and 2Barcelona

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