BMW i Vision Circular: a 100% recyclable compact car for 2040

BMW presented a new vehicle concept at the IAA Mobility 2021 conference, the i Vision Circular. It is a highly futuristic vehicle, both inside and out, and a taste of BMW’s dream of creating sustainable vehicles by 2040.

Credit: BMW

The BMW i Vision Circular is not a vehicle like any other, as BMW plans to manufacture it entirely from recycled materials. BMW also wants this vehicle to be 100% recyclable when it is no longer in use. Its name therefore represents the philosophy of the product, since the Bavarian automotive giant claims that the i Vision Circular is the very first electric vehicle designed, developed and manufactured within the framework of the circular economy.

BMW believes that how a car is made is as important as its tailpipe emissions, and wants achieve climate neutrality throughout the life of a vehicle. In addition, we already know that the company wants to reduce vehicle emissions by 40% throughout their lifecycle by 2030.

The BMW i Vision Circular wants to be an ecological car

For the moment, nothing is known of the technical characteristics of the vehicle, since it will not be produced for at least twenty years. However, we notice that the manufacturer wants to avoid glued assemblies and composite materials for the construction of the vehicle, opting instead for cords, snaps and quick-release fasteners, which facilitates disassembly and recycling.

Additionally, most of the body is constructed from recycled aluminum with a light gold anodized finish. However, according to BMW, it should turn into a blue color on the back since the steel would be heat treated. There are also no physical logos; the logos of the BMW and the car are laser engraved on the panels.

BMW i Vision Circular interior
Credit: BMW

The interior uses a mix of unique materials and calls for what BMW calls ” new assembly techniques “. 3D printing on the dashboard, for example, reduces the use of glue and creates a unique one-piece design with integrated crystalline materials. While waiting for the arrival of such a car, you can go and discover the new BMW i4 2022 which will be available in 2 models and offered from 46,000 euros.

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Source: CNET

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