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BMW and Kawasaki, the best positioned to enter MotoGP

BMW and Kawasaki, the best positioned to enter MotoGP

In 2022 the MotoGP grid was reduced to 22 bikes because Suzuki came out. A priori, it was thought that the two free places were going to be awarded to a satellite teambut from the direction it was decided to wait to assign the gap to an official team. Poncharal claims that BMW and Kawasaki they would “have the power” to occupy the space.

The ideal scenario for Poncharal is to have a grid with 24 motorcycles made up of six manufacturers and each one with a satellite team. About the team that can occupy the free space, the Frenchman comments on this in Motorsport-Total.com: The brands that could participate are BMW and Kawasaki. Those are the only manufacturers that have the know-how and the power to come. Triumph says that it is not ready and that it is happy with Moto2. Maybe Suzuki also wants to come back. Who knows?”.

So those two places are reserved for that. If you gave them to another satellite team, then it would mean closing the opportunity to a factory. If you start breaking the rules you create a lot of uncertainty, we are all against it. In addition, you cannot give a place for one year. That would create a lot of problems”, says the Frenchman about a hypothetical situation in which the free space would be occupied by a satellite.

Three squads work with Ducati, while KTM, Aprilia and Honda each have one team. Yamaha, for its part, only has the official team. In this regard, the president of IRTA gives his opinion: “I love freedom and the free market. Some say that eight Ducati are too many and kill the championship. Each satellite team can choose what they want, you can’t dictate that. Aprilia made an offer to Gresini, but they wanted to go to Ducati.

Poncharal is also the head of Tech3 and when asked about the value of a satellite team, it is blunt: “Value is the license, our starting point. Building a MotoGP team is not easy. Anyone who did would say they wouldn’t do it for a season. The investment would be too great. You need at least five years.” The struggle It is open and only one team will be able to enter the MotoGP grid, BMW and Kawasaki are the best positioned, but time will dictate.

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