BMW AMBY: the manufacturer unveils its Vision of the bicycle and the electric motorcycle

BMW has just unveiled the i Vision AMBY and Vision AMBY, an electric bike and motorcycle, at the Munich Motor Show. The first has nothing to envy to an electric motorcycle, with its maximum speed of 60 km / h and its range of 300 km.

Credit: BMW

As you may know, the majority of car manufacturers have met in Munich for the IAA Mobility 2021 fair. On the occasion of this gathering (one of the first after the global pandemic), the brands have unveiled their next upcoming creations, like the Renault Mégane E-TECH or Concept # 1, Smart’s first electric compact SUV.

This time, it’s BMW’s turn to occupy the media scene with the presentation of the BMW AMBY, a whole new range composed of a bicycle and an electric motorcycle. Let us first take a look at the i Vision AMBY, an electric bike that has a strong eye on electric motorcycles, as the manufacturer points out.

i Vision AMBY, the BMW electric bike with a motorcycle look

Indeed, we could summarize the i Vision AMBY as a hybrid between an electrically assisted bicycle and a capable small motorcycle to achieve all the same 60 km / h. It is immediately part of connected vehicles thanks to the possibility of modifying the driving modes available via a mobile application. There are also three:

  • A first adapted to the European legal speed of 25 km / h
  • A second capable of reaching 45 km / h (designed for urban traffic)
  • And a third capable of reaching 60 km / h (designed for traffic outside urban areas)
bmw vision amby
Credit: BMW

According to BMW, these driving modes can be engaged directly according to your position, and this thanks to geolocation. Thanks to a generous 2000 Wh battery installed in the center of the structure, the i Vision AMBY offers several autonomy depending on the driving modes: 300 km at 25 km / h, 180 km at 45 km / h and 75 km at 60 km / h.

Be careful, however, if this bike shares a good number of points with a motorcycle, it will still be necessary pedal to power the electric motor. Another unfortunate point is that to drive at the highest speeds, it will be necessary to have an adequate license and to insure the vehicle. As BMW specifies, The i Vision AMBY actually comes up against the lack of a legal framework : “In the absence of any existing legal framework for a vehicle of this type with a modular speed concept, the Vision Vehicles “AMBY” aim to encourage the introduction of such legislation, and consequently, the developments of this. nature”, hope BMW.

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bmw ivision amby
Credit: BMW

Vision AMBY: the vision of the electric motorcycle by BMW

Next, let’s move on to Vision AMBY, BMW’s new electric motorcycle. Here, we logically forget the pedals for a footrest and other elements of a classic motorcycle such as the throttle grip. Rather intriguing, the Vision AMBY has the same top speed as the i Vision AMBY, 60 km / h. Fact, it stands out as a light electric motorcycle, more thought for the off-road than for the circulation in agglomeration.

Evidenced by the presence of these wide tires and a robust suspension system. The battery capacity was not specified by the manufacturer in the official press release, unlike the range of the motorcycle: 110 km in WMTC cycle. “THE BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY truly enables our customers to experience city life in a whole new way, to travel distances more flexibly and to break free from the city every now and then. At the same time, BMW Motorrad is consistently pursuing its electromobility strategy for urban agglomerations. It is a fascinating introduction to the world of BMW Motorrad which also promises maximum driving pleasure ”, presents BMW. Regarding the prices and the release date, we will have to wait a bit, BMW having not yet revealed this information.

Source: Bmw

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