BlueStacks X is a new way to play your favorite Android games on Windows. This is an improved version of BlueStatcks that allows you to enjoy many titles directly through a browser. Everything works through the cloud.

BlueStacks is an emulator that has been around for a long time and allows you to enjoy a whole bunch of Android titles on PC. It is available today on browser.

BlueStacks X is the name of this variation and is launching today in its beta version. It is thus possible to play via browser, therefore on Windows 10 and 11, on Linux, on MacOS and even on iOS. Everything works through Amazon servers and therefore goes through the cloud. You don’t need to download anything. Most importantly, this service is free.

BlueStacks X lets you play Android games in the cloud

To enjoy it, nothing could be simpler. Just go on On the home page, fourteen games are available for the moment, but new ones will be put every week, we are promised. After clicking on one of them, you will need to log in (using Google or Facebook), and off you go. To you the frenzied parts of Raid Shadow Legend!

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The software allows you to use your mouse cursor to replace touch, but some actions are also linked to keys on your keyboard for convenience. Once logged in, you can find your game on any terminal, which is of great interest. If you cannot play via the cloud because your connection does not allow it, Bluestacks can still be downloaded in its classic version. Here you will have the choice between two hundred games.

Note that Windows 11, the new operating system from Microsoft, will offer in the future to download all Android applications on your PC. A feature that will not arrive until 2022, but which will make Bluestacks obsolete. The software therefore seeks to innovate by going directly through the cloud. A good idea since it targets not only Windows users, but also other platforms.


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