Blue Beetle: Why It’s Disastrous

After the big fiascos that have happened Shazam 2 And The Lightning at the box office, DC comics tried to create something new Blue Beetle fromAngel Manuel Soto with Xolo Mariduena in the title role and a mostly Latino cast. The character should also be the one who restarts the expanded universe from DCU’s towards the new artistic direction being pushed by James Gunn and Peter Saffron. But the newest character in the stable is off to a bad start as another box-office disaster strikes. product for $125 million excluding marketing costs, Blue Beetle it is only 25 million collected on its first weekend of operation. The film was already well established internationally and received little reception $54 million in sales and should not be far from the performance of failing miserably Shazam 2 (133 million).

Above all, however, when the critics stick with the film with a little more praise soo (Almost 80% good reviews on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes), There ” comedy The plot really doesn’t spark that much fire in her direct current recycles old methods, old canvases and gives us the impression of attending an uninspired superhero movie, close to the one-shot projectsmcu.

Blue Beetle – DC Comics

Nothing beats recycling direct current – but sometimes it’s a bad idea. As Shazam, Blue Beetle gives him a place of honor Family ” from Jaime Reyes, with ubiquitous clichés. Each family member fills in their own shift, we feel the situations come a thousand miles away (Hello, the discussion about the future between Jaime and Jaime’s father) and the antagonists are probably the most boring in the universe.

The screenwriter can even indulge in the luxury of a lousy twist in the world of superheroes that reveals a complete lack of inspiration for new projects: the death of a family member of the protagonist. He is the father of I like (Damian Alcazar) Who pays the piper this time in the story? Angel Manuel Soto tried to explain it his way:

“How can we push someone into the abyss thanks to a family member? And how can you not reduce this condition to another death in a superhero film, but turn it into a strength? What can make a reluctant hero embrace his destiny? As we began to understand this, we thought this might be a good opportunity to explore notions of magical realism in the sequence where Jaime stands on the brink of death.”

Positioned on a good base, with a colorful pop universe and with good vibes, Soto’s film lacks everything. In his dramatic handling of his father’s death, he offers Jaime a dramatic stepping stone to finding unprecedented new strength and defeating a villain as ridiculous and inspired as lines of dialogue.

Blue Beetle © DC
Blue Beetle © DC

The same applies to the connection between I like and the armor of Blue Beetle. It’s silly, insanely stupid, and interrupts the plot. You have to be fast, accelerate everything and above all try to make people laugh. In his overview of the relationship between his character and ” The Alien » Blue Beetlethe feature film would almost pass for a bad film poison (contradictory as an observation). But especially during the DCU’s had to find a clear direction Blue Beetle, viewers don’t follow. No significant connection with that snyderverse Despite some outspoken names of some of the stable’s great heroes, one might almost think this film serves as the basis. However, given the latter’s poor results at the box office, the character might already be sacrificed (otherwise Jaime Reyes could be sentenced to play the supporting roles).

And what about the failed supporting roles, their Bruna Marquezine (jenny) to the disastrous game or to the talented Susan Sarandon who mess around too much – nothing at all, they come to save nothing more from this massacre than special effects that seem – barely – worked better than The Lightning. The polyptych direct current continues with this spectacular catastrophe – a little better – than The Lightning.

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