Blue Beetle: The film will be an integral part of James Gunn’s DCU

While the opposite was initially suggested. Upon his recapture of the universe DC a few months ago now, some films were immediately considered as fuses seeking only to close the universe DC below Zack Snyder. In this sense, many thought that Shazam 2, The Flash, Bluebeetle and Aquaman 2 were going to represent the very last iterations of the universe in place. But it seems, if The Flash will indeed rewind the universe thanks to the multiverse, Bluebeetle And Aquaman 2 would be an integral part of the new DCUs. The first official film will be Superman: Legacy but the two first » Characters strictly speaking will be the protagonists of the two films located above.

Even if the film does not come out until August, the actor Xolo Mariduena is already looking forward to reprising his role as Bluebeetle. He hopes that the first opus will be a success in order to justify the start of a franchise and several other appearances of the character in the universe of the DCUs :

“If we get a movie or a trilogy and we work that into the Justice League m****, we’re ready for all nine. For me and (director) Angel (Manuel Soto) and the crew, we kicked ass with this movie. It just depends on the numbers (For more). »

The feature film arrives on August 18 at the cinema. Then there will only beAquaman 2 before it was the projects of James Gunn and Peter Safran coming to theaters.

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