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Blue Beetle: A tough start at the US box office. On the same path as Shazam 2?

Blue Beetle © DC Comics Warner

Blue Beetle has received the weakest Thursday night previews for a DC Comics movie in 2023.

2023 wasn’t DC’s most successful year commercially. her first two films Shazam! anger of the gods And The Lightning, were a box office bomb. The Flash, which cost between $200 million and $220 million to make, is now considered one of the biggest box office flops of all time.

Blue Beetle box office

“Blue Beetle” earned $3.3 million at the box office in Thursday night previews. This value is lower than the previews of Shazam! anger of the godswhich grossed $3.4 million, and The Lightningwhich grossed $9.7 million. Blue Beetle is expected to make $25 million to $32 million in its opening weekendwhat it would equate to $30 million from Shazam 2.

Blue Beetle And Shazam 2 with similar budgets, their Thursday night forecasts suggest similar results at the box office. Blue Beetle Introducing DC’s first Latino protagonist in a film will have to rely on word of mouth and the lack of competition in the genre if they’re to outperform other DC superhero films from 2023 onwards.

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