Blue Beetle 2: The director gives the condition that the film sees the light of day

According to the director, a sequel to Blue Beetle could see the light of day under one condition.

After The Lightningone of the biggest box office flops in Hollywood history, DC Comics published with flying colors. Blue Beetle on the screen. DC Studios Co-CEO, james gunn, recently confirmed that the hero will be “the first character in the DCU” once the big reboot kicks off. It’s unclear if this means there will be a direct sequel to the film, or if its future will be limited to crossovers or cameo appearances.

When will Blue Beetle 2 be released?

Blue Beetle © DC

Blue Beetle © DC

In an interview with Yahoo, the director of Blue Beetle, Angel Manuel Soto revealed the only condition his film must meet before a sequel will be considered: its box office results.

The director summed up the situation: “The (first) film has to make money so that more is put into it.”

“The machine works like this: the (first) film has to make money so they can invest more, but for us it’s what we’ve always seen… We love the story so much.” We believe in the product so much. We believe so much in an actor. We couldn’t stop thinking about his journey while making this film… So is it a wish come true? Do we call the universe? Naturally.

Behind the scenes of ‘Inverse,’ the director expressed his hopes for a sequel:

“It was wonderful to be able to do that and see that this prologue, this first act of our saga, is worthy for James Gunn to be included in his superheroes so he can embark on new adventures…” Hopefully that means that Blue Beetle joins forces with other heroes and hopefully that means we get Blue Beetle 2 and Blue Beetle 3.”

In another interview with Total Film, he reveals that he wants to make a saga out of it:

“Our first film, the way we wanted to make it, was always conceived with the idea that we wanted to make at least two more. By adopting the traditional three-act story structure, we wanted our first film to be essentially the first act of a saga.”

Blue Beetle – budget and box office

Blue Beetle © DC Comics

Blue Beetle © DC Comics

Accordingly deadline, Shazam! worn by Zachary LevI had a $100 million production budget and grossed $366 million worldwide. The project would have generated a profit of $74 million (revenues from operators, marketing, etc.).

In 2019, Shazam! grossed $140.4 million at the domestic box office and $366 million worldwide. The film grossed around $74 million.

Blue Beetle had a comparable budget of $125 million. That means the DC Studios film may need time $260 million to break even and start making a profit for Warner Bros.

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