Blow to Russian Navy: Ukraine says it has sunk a warship in Crimea

The Ukrainian Armed Forces Today they announced the destruction Black Sea an amphibious assault ship Russian army which sailed near the coast of the occupied Crimean peninsula Russia since 2014. The ship was damaged during an operation Marine drones It belongs to the Main Intelligence Service of Ukraine and the sinking was subsequently confirmed by the Ukrainian Army General Staff. The impact of the drones created critical holes in the left side of the ship’s hull began to sink.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine, together with military intelligence units (GUR), destroyed the occupiers’ large amphibious assault ship Caesar Kunikov“says the note published by the Ukrainian General Staff on its social networks. The Russian Defense Ministry did not comment, but said it shot down six Ukrainian drones “over the waters of the Black Sea.” The Sinking This amphibious ship is a new blow to the powerful Russian navy, which has its headquarters in Sevastopol.

The ship was built at the shipyard in Gdansk, Poland, and launched in October 1986. Among other things, the Caesar Kunikov was sent to Syria in 2015 with a delivery of weapons and ammunition for the Syrian Arab Army. “It is symbolic that the Russian officer after whom the ship was named died exactly 81 years ago.“wrote the GUR.

So far during the war, Ukraine has damaged and sunk a number of Russian ships. The most famous case occurred in 2022, when a Neptune rocket sank the Moskva, the flagship of the Russian fleet, in the Black Sea.

President Vladimir Putin promised last year that the Russian navy would receive 30 new warships by the end of 2023. The various fleets that make up the Moscow Navy, the Russian leader said, “constitute.” an indestructible bastion of our country’s defense capabilities, “They reliably secure Russia’s national interests in the world’s oceans and strictly preserve the ancient principles of maritime military brotherhood, the traditions of honor, nobility and love of work.”

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With information from AFP

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