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blow to destroy Red Bull

blow to destroy Red Bull

Two fundamental pieces for the Austrian team could inevitably leave

The Ferrari team has been really affected by seeing Red Bull, the team of max verstappenso really far. After managing to overcome Mercedes, the great dominator of the last decade, in Maranello they dreamed of returning to the times when red dominated the Formula 1 World Championship.

The problem is that while Ferrari was looking out for Mercedes, Red Bull has slipped in from the right, which now dominates the World Cup with an iron fist and already Max Verstappen has already won the last two titles and there is nothing to indicate that he will not win the current edition.

Verstappen is quite concerned about the changes at Red Bull

The future of Max Verstappen in Red Bull has generated a lot of expectation

That is why Ferrari reacted. The Italian team has just signed two Red Bull engineers, a first blow in search of a change of course. “They have just hired two engineers who have ceased their activity at Red Bull. Now they are in the ‘gardening’ period but they will be operational in Maranello in 2024″.

It should not be forgotten that a few weeks ago Ferrari announced the departure of David Sánchez, upset by Mattia Binotto’s goodbye to Ferrari. Since January, Fred Vasseur, the new CEO of the Italian team, has been in charge of Ferrariwho is already working in the 23/24 season, since little can be done in the current season.

Lando Norris is the strongest option for Carlos Sainz

Now it remains to be seen if this profound renovation also affects the pilots, Well, within Ferrari there are many doubts regarding Carlos Sainz, which is not performing as expected. The Madrid rider accumulates problems, to the point that at Ferrari there are those who think that the ideal would be to change names.

The most popular name in Maranello is Lando Norris, a young driver who is making a lot of progress at McLaren, but who is outgrowing the British team. At the moment, there will be no decision on the matter, Fallows wants to see how the season progresses and if Sainz performs.

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