Blow the Apple Watch to answer a call? A patent suggests yes.

Have you ever tried to answer a call on your Apple Watch with your hands full? In that case, you will certainly appreciate this possible future functionality of the watch.

Apple Watch Owners May One Day control your watches silently and with your hands busy by simply blowing on it.

In a patent granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office entitled “Mode Switch and Blow Event Detection with an Electronic Device”, Apple shows that an Apple Watch, iPhone, or other hardware can potentially detect a user puffing on it as input.

A breath can be used to wake up the device, as well as a way to confirm an action, such as answering a phone call.

The patent describes the use of a breath detector that is exposed to the environment but lightly shielded inside the case. This can include the use of a pressure sensor, detecting a change in the pressure level in a cavity caused by air movement.

The system would use motion sensors to determine if the device is in motion. This can be used to eliminate cases where the pressure change is detected to exceed a certain threshold, but the pulse is moving enough that the wind is causing the pressure change.

The patent was originally filed on March 30, 2020. Apple has filed several patent applications, and while the existence of a patent indicates areas of interest to Apple, it does not guarantee that the idea will appear in a future product or service.

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