Bloodthirsty crocodiles kill their own owner

Phnom Penh: A 72-year-old owner of a farmhouse was attacked and killed by crocodiles in Cambodia.

According to the World News Agency, crocodiles in northern Cambodia mauled their own 72-year-old president of the Farmers Association to pieces.

The incident took place when a 72-year-old man named Nawam approached the egg-laying crocodile and tried to take it out of the cage, but the female crocodile did not come out.

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Police said that the female crocodile was not willing to come out when Luan hit the crocodile’s mouth with a stick, it pulled the 72-year-old man along with the stick, after which 40 other crocodiles also attacked him. spoken.

Police said the crocodile had chewed off a large part of Nawam’s body during the attack, causing his death. The body of the deceased had bite marks and one of his arms was missing.

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