Blood, many fouls and no goal between Newell’s and Central

There were kicks, shoves and cool saves in style in the Rosario classic this Sunday. What was not seen, like so many other times, were goals. Newell’s and Central did not know how to deliver more emotions than the claims for infractions in the Marcelo Coloso Bielsa and both lost the opportunity to climb the standings, which has Miguel Ángel Russo’s team with 18 points and Gabriel Heinze’s team with 15.

Things started complicated from the departure of the teams. While the black and red smoke from the flares rose in the stands, on the pitch The face of the visiting goalkeeper, Jorge “Fatura” Broun, was painted blood red after being hit by a projectile very close to his right eye. The one was treated by his medical staff while the referee did not know what to do, other than delaying the start of the match a bit.

The keynote of the classic had a Newell’s dominator of the ballsomething reflected in the final possession of 68 percent, but with a much more direct Central and, at the same time, dangerous: the four shots at goal were all blue and yellowwith which the goalkeeper and local captain, Lucas Hoyos, had more work than his injured colleague from the opposite area.

With the Colombian central defender Willer Ditta commanding a good part of the local attacks, as usually happens in Heinze’s team, Newell’s became slow and predictable. Iván Gómez was barely able to stand out among the Gringo team, more than anything because of his regularity in midfield. For his part, the promising twenty-something Brian Aguirre was not fine for the bow and his clearest chance, after Bruno Pittón’s cross, ended in a very bad shot facing the goal and with a final throw-in.

The best of Central was not the product of elaboration, but a daring of midfielder Kevin Ortíz with a bomb from outside the area that had a very good reaction from Hoyos. I raise wisely the one of Russo, who opted for the order of his managers -he put three central defenders in the background- and the inspiration for one of his attack cardslike the Colombian Jaminton Campaz, who did not have a particularly creative afternoon.

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So things, the city of Rosario ended even, the most repeated result in history: 103 draws, 93 wins for Central and 77 for Newell’s. This Sunday, the worst flavor was taken by Newell’s, which They have not won the derby at home since 2008 (Schiavi’s goal from a penalty) and now stretched that streak to eight games.

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