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Blockade in the Barça

Blockade in the Barça

ferran torres left one of the tour news just before the barca abandon The Angels heading to Dallas. “I have a contract and I’m going to stay,” said the Valencian in the mixed zone of the SoFi Stadium after playing and scoring a goal against Arsenal. Challenging, Ferran assured that “the names are placed by journalists” when asked if he was still in the market. “I am qualified to play in the barca and what is said about me does not matter to me. The reward will come. I am the first self critic. I learned a lot last year and those ups and downs that I had are helping me in this one, ”the international insisted on his forceful message.

The message of ferran confirm the lock on the barcawho has seen the roadmap he established at the end of May frustrated, when he was already champion of League. By then, Xavi gave authorization to mateu alemany to activate the outputs Ansu and ferranwhich were the two great sales that the barca and that he could open the door to the signings that the coach wanted. Among them, some that already sounds very distant as zubimendi.

The matter went wrong for the coach, who had in his head a squad that is not the one he has seen these days in the training sessions of the Memorial Coliseum. On his return from the Final Four of the Nations Leaguewhere by the way he was at a good level in the final of rotterdam against Croatia, Ansu confirmed to jorge mendeshis representative, who was not going to move from the barca. He signed a renewal until 2027, wears the number ’10 ′, feels loved and is well at home and convinced that he can succeed. He seemed with ferran there would be movement. There was even speculation about the possibility of him accompanying mateu alemany path of astonville. But the Mallorcan executive remained a trigger that has continued with the final slam of the Valencian on Wednesday.

to top it all off ferran He sold the coach versatility: “I can play as a right winger, a left winger, a center forward and even a second striker. And the more positions I play, the more doors I will open for myself, ”he said in the mixed zone after the game against Arsenal. To this day, Barça has not entered a single euro from departures. Busquets did not renew his contract, Sunrise and umtiti they terminated their contract; and Paul Tower has arrived on loan In return, the barca has incorporated free to Gundogan and inigo martinez and has paid about 3.5 million for oriol romeu.

The situation has been extreme, to the point that the barca, to sign up new signings and players, he has been forced to ‘invent’ a lever that will allow The league return the 60 million that he had blocked for non-payment of the lever of Barca Studios.

As of July 27, the problem for Joan Laporta it is that he will not be able to fulfill the wishes of his coach, who wants a right-back and a creative midfielder, if he does not sell assets. Except for surprise, the only players that can be transferred before the market closes are Lenglet, Dest, Kessie and abde. The first two don’t count for the coach, but they wouldn’t leave much money in the box. The cases of the Ivorian and the Moroccan are different. Both are open to dating, but the barca try to rush to get powerful offers that allow you to have fairplay enough to be able to sign. For the moment, the blockade continues and the feeling that, except for surprise (an offer for raphinha), Barça will have an impossible time fulfilling the plan that was proposed when the summer began.

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