Home Sports Blaydes beats the gunman on his turf and claims the title

Blaydes beats the gunman on his turf and claims the title

Crónica del UFC Columbus: Blaydes vs Daukaus.

The threat was enough curty’s blaydes. The 31-year-old American was a US NJCAA heavyweight champion in his youth. His work on takedowns is on another level and everything indicated that he would use that strategy to collide with a fighter who is an expert in KO’s like Chris Daukaus. He didn’t need to, because just thinking that it could lead him to that terrain made Daukaus self-conscious. A) Yes, Blaydes played on that fear and knocked him out in the second round of the main event at UFC Columbus.

Blaydes used the doubt to land good hands in the opening round. The knockout did not reach him, so the American was calm. In the second round he showed that he also has punch. With a straight right between the eyes he sent Daukaus to the ground. It was the end, then came a whirlwind of blows that put an end to the fight.

Then, Blaydes did not hesitate to challenge Ciryl Gane for the interim belt. Francis Ngannou has undergone knee surgery and the secondary belt option is very likely. Almost without finishing pronouncing that challenge, looked at Stipe Miocic and also threw the órdago: “We can do it whenever you want: June, July or August“, he snapped. He had talked a lot, he complied and he had to ask. He wants big fights and he wants them now.

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