The interruptions in the electrical service have intensified in a large part of the Cibao region since Monday, which has created discomfort in the population due to the disorders that this generates in all activities.

Problems in traffic and in commercial, productive and domestic activities are situations that are even more complicated, since many companies do not have emergency plants to respond to blackouts.

With the improvement experienced in recent years, where a large part of the circuits in this region have the 24-hour energy program, both the plants and the investors were left aside.

Provinces such as Santiago, La Vega, Espaillat, Puerto Plata, Valverde, Mirabal Sisters, among others, suffer interruptions in the supply of electricity and until mid-morning this Tuesday the North Electricity Distribution Company (Edenorte), nor any other state institution, have given an explanation of the problem.

In some media but without confirmation, it was commented on the exit of operations of one of the two Punta Catalina plants, which supply a significant percentage of the national electricity demand. Yesterday, to counteract the negative effects generated in the road system, the number of traffic regulators in the streets and avenues of Santiago was increased.


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