Black Widow: Mélanie Laurent (Voleuses, Oxygène) almost directed the film and talks behind the scenes of the recruitment campaign

Melanie Laurent is a French actress and pioneer of our international cinema. In addition to many major French productions, the actress has made a name for herself all over the world with films like… Disreputable bastards (2009 – Quentin Tarantino), Elusive (2013), Six Underground (2019 – Michael Bay) or oxygen (2021 – Alexandre Aja). She is also the director of the documentary Morning (Co-production with Cyril Dion in 2015) or – the most recently published – thievesAction comedy about Netflix. The 40-year-old actress is a real eye-catcher on the international stage. As Louis Leterrier For the incredible Hulk In 2008, Melanie Laurent could have had a major film produced WonderThat means Black widow.

The first post-Avengers Endgame was particularly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and the poor timing of its release. Nobody was interested in the solo adventures of Natasha Romanoffdied during Endgame. The film actually earned the meager amount Worldwide sales of $379 million For about 200 million budget without marketing costs. Interviewed by Pierre Lescure on the show Nice gesture from France TV, Melanie Laurent revealed many anecdotes about it Black widow and the pre-employment process she experienced:

“I had a good time. It lasted 7 months. There were 300 of us, it was a fight! At the first meeting I was asked what image I have of Black Widow and what image I would like to have of her. So I had them almost Voleuses offered. I want Black Widow to have girlfriends, be nice, and wake up in the morning with disheveled hair. They looked at me a little strangely. I had no news for three months.

Suddenly they called me and said: “In 10 days you will introduce us to Black Widow.” » (…) Jeur replies: “So I’ll write a Marvel in 10 days?” » They tell me: “No, but you can come with photos and drawings, I have to enter the universe that you will create.” » (…)

Black Widow © Marvel Studios
Black Widow © Marvel Studios

I wrote the script and created a sequencer. The zoom lasted 3h30. And the last step, which was crazy, was going to Los Angeles, meeting all of them, the biggest producers at Marvel, in a huge room, and that’s where I had to do the trailer for my Black Widow as a reference. It was crazy work. In the end there were only two of us left. It was crazy pitching these people. »

Finally it’s the Australian Cate Shortland Who has this (valuable ?) right to make a film Wonder although the entire post-production process was not easy due to the multiple postponements caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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