Black Friday: date of creation, choice of name … What are the origins of this tradition?

The big meeting takes place in less than a month. The big Black Friday promotion period will begin on Friday, November 26.

This event is now essential for French consumers (and the whole world), but in reality it was born on the other side of the Atlantic.

Black Friday is indeed a tradition imported from the United States where, since 1952, the day after the Thanksgiving meal marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping period. At the time, traders offered discounts to take advantage of this holiday across the Atlantic.

The Americans are gradually rushing into the stores, to do their first shopping before Christmas Eve. According to popular belief, these monster sales then allowed companies not to write their accounts in red, a color synonymous with deficit, but in black, hence the name “Black Friday”.

Unlike their French counterparts, who do not have the right outside of sales periods, American traders are however allowed to sell at a loss. Which makes the offers much more interesting across the Atlantic.

And once again, French consumers should be there.

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