BJP’s new pantra will increase friendship with parties of neighboring countries

While the BJP has decided to change its tactics and increase its friendship with the political parties of the neighboring countries, the Indian Hindu Nationalist Party wants to develop new ties with them.

According to foreign media reports, the ruling party of India wants to expand its connections and relations with the political parties around the world and especially with the neighboring countries.

In this regard, the delegations of Bangladesh’s ruling party Awami League and Nepal’s ruling party Communist Party of Nepal will be hosted next week. India will also participate in the proposed meeting of BRICS political parties scheduled in South Africa this year.

Nepal’s political parties, Bangladesh’s Awami League and South Africa’s African National Congress, have been quite close to the Indian party Congress, which is not good for the BJP and it wants to change that.

It should be noted that Bangladesh Prime Minister and Awami League chief Sheikh Hasina also met former Congress President Sonia Gandhi during her visit to India.

A meeting has also been organized by the BJP with the heads of embassies of Middle East, European Union and Caribbean countries, in which party president JP Nadda gave a detailed briefing to the ambassadors.

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