BJP leader’s demand, there should be four Ranji teams in UP, he said: something wrong is happening with the youth…

These days the Ranji Trophy is being played. Meanwhile, Uttar Pradesh Sports Welfare Association Chairman and former State Minister Mohsin Raza has demanded the Uttar Pradesh Cricket Association (UPCA) to form four Ranji teams. Mohsin Raza has also filed his claim with the BCCI. He says that considering the population of Uttar Pradesh, it doesn’t go well with the talents here. One team is not enough here. Citing the example of Maharashtra and Gujarat, he said Uttar Pradesh should also have more than one Ranji team.

Speaking to PTI, Mohsin Raza said: “Even after having many level cricket talents in Uttar Pradesh, they don’t have a chance. In Maharashtra, three teams viz. Mumbai, Vidarbha and Mumbai play at Ranji. Similarly, Saurashtra, Baroda and Gujarat’s Gujarat team join Ranji. Having more than one team will expose more talent. Models like Gujarat and Maharashtra should also be brought to Uttar Pradesh.

He further said, “Being a former Ranji player, he has already written a letter to BCCI about it, but now he demands the Uttar Pradesh Cricket Association to offer to make four teams according to different regions of the state. in front of BCCI. Speaking about Uttar Pradesh’s underperformance this season, he said: “Changes need to be made in the structure of domestic cricket. More and more players should get involved in sports administration.

It should be noted that Mohisan Raza had recently met with the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. He had recommended to the Chief Minister that he establish a ‘Sports Advisory Council’. Its purpose is to give advice for the development of the sport. This ‘Sports Advisory Council’ should include veteran and experienced players from different sports, who have represented the State in national and international sports. Female players will be especially included in this.

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