Bizarre: Tornado Cash attacker wants to reverse hack

A striking turn of events regarding Tornado Cash (TORN). A malicious user, who recently created a so-called governance attack on the network has submitted a new proposal to reverse the damage.

How was Tornado Cash attacked?

It’s about same user who dropped the price of TORN by 50% in no time due to his attack the day before yesterday. The hacker managed to fool everyone with a new, apparently normal proposal. Unsuspectingly, the community voted for something completely different from what they thought. The new proposal gave the hacker 1.2 million votes, enough to control the entire network. The situation seemed equally hopeless for the network.

Proposal to reverse stolen TORN tokens

Fortunately, an active user, nicknamed Tornadosaurus-Hex, came in with some positive news Tornado Cash forum. The attacker has submitted a proposal that may reverse the attack. The attacker is willing to voluntarily return the TORN governance tokens it previously assigned to itself. This effectively resets the hacker’s vote count to zero.

However, it is not certain whether this is actually the case. It could just be that the attacker is once again misleading the community. Tornadosaurus-Hex had this to say:

“We don’t even have a choice regarding this proposal, but it’s important nonetheless.”

Giant troll?

Since the attacker owns most of the TORN governance tokens, it is likely that the vote will continue. It is for the community to hope that it works out well this time. Other users in the community point to a possible ‘gigantic troll’ action. The user 0xdeadf4ce tweeted his skepticism about the situation:

“Either they are trolling massively or it will be an expensive but not disastrous lesson in security governance.”

In response to the good news, the price of TORN rose by 10%. In the hack, the project briefly bottomed out at around $3.60. Meanwhile, the tornado cash price has risen again to $ 4.75. This means that the price is still a hefty 30% lower than the value before the hack.

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