Bizarre: $500 reward for saving millions in crypto

A large group of ethical hackers found a huge exploit in DxSale Network’s system. The vulnerability would make hackers millions crypto to loot. When the group disclosed the problem to the network, they were awarded a paltry $500.

Hackers find millions in vulnerable crypto

The professional group of hackers operating under the name ‘Decurity’ found a massive exploit on DxSale. One of the hackers searched a single one smart contractsand soon found that something was wrong. After getting the team involved, they found out that there was serious money involved in the problem.

The problem was in an unauthenticated smart contract on the BNB blockchain. The flaw left 21,600 BNB tokens up for grabs for hackers. At the time of writing, that number of tokens is worth $4.7 million. However, hackers could also attack similar weaknesses in other smart contracts and gain even more.

After finding the problem, the group quickly contacted the administrators. However, despite their professionalism, their proclamations were not taken seriously. After strong insistence from the group, DxSale decided to take action anyway.

Developers fix issue, $500 reward

The developers of the project were called in and a solution to the problem was quickly found. This, on the other hand, would not helpback pull’ where the people behind the project run off with all the money.

Also, the staff of another branch of the DxSale network said that the problem of the BNB exploit was already known. According to them, the contract could not be used. However, they quickly backtracked after the group showed hackers how easy it was to steal the tokens.

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After fixing the vulnerability in the BNB contract and many other contracts, DxSale released a reward. The group of hackers got a total of $500 compensation for their trouble. Since several people had participated in the investigation, it was far from cost-effective. Perhaps they can buy a Playstation 5 for the head office.

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