Biyín Announces Shock Retirement from Streaming

Notorious for her tumultuous relationship with the public, Biyín has consistently clashed with other streamers and communities throughout her career. The streamer, former partner of Auronplay, has focused on playing various games and series during her live performances.

In a recent chat, she responded to a user’s question by revealing her weariness with her job. Beyond making it clear she won’t be attending the Evening of the Year, Biyín stated that she has lost interest in these types of events and that this will be her last year as a streamer.

“I don’t care about anything anymore”

According to Biyín, this marks the end of her four-year career as a content creator. After beginning her channel at the end of 2020, she has expressed a lack of enthusiasm for her work.

In recent days, Biyín has faced criticism for her demeanor on Kick, where she joined primarily for financial reasons. While this has been a common motivator for many streamers, her directness has been met with shock and discontent from her audience.

Biyín gets fed up and announces her retirement from the stream at the end of this year: “I don’t give a damn…”Twitch

“I’m just done, I don’t care if people see me or not,” Biyín said, a statement some have deemed materialistic and off-putting. In a follow-up comment, she reiterates her decision, stating, “I’m not going to go to the Evening or do anything. I’ve already said it, this is my last year as a streamer, I’m done with everything, I don’t need to go to places or do anything.”

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