Bitvavo supports TU Delft in developing a unique solar car

The Dutch Bitvavo is working hard in the crypto industry. Where companies still regularly decide to close their doors, Bitvavo continues tirelessly. Now, the exchange has announced to renew its partnership with Brunel.

The Netherlands throws racing car into battle on October 22

Brunel Solar Team is the brain behind the solar car of Delft University of Technology. Worldwide, technical universities compete with each other to make the best fully electric racing car and to have it win in a hugely competitive race.

Moreover, the vehicles are not only electric, but are also all fully powered by solar energy. They are real technical feats with the best solar panels and the lightest materials. The car has only three wheels and can accommodate one driver. Last week this year’s car was unveiled in Amsterdam. It bears the name Nuna 12, and has better solar panels and a better battery, among other things.

The next race will start in Australia on October 22. The cars of 30 teams start in the northern city of Darwin and arrive five days later at the finish in Adelaide in the south. That is about 3,000 kilometers away.

Bitvavo extends sponsorship

It takes a lot of time and money every year. All that effort pays off; The Netherlands has been for several years finished in first place. The Dutch crypto exchange Bitvavo has in a press release revealed it is happy to extend its annual sponsorship for 2024.

The crypto exchange writes that the project is in line with its own values. Brunel Solar Team wants to inspire the world with innovation in the field of sustainability; Bitvavo is working hard on the future of the financial sector with smart technologies.

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In addition to Bitvavo, a large number of companies such as recruitment giant Brunel (from whom the group owes its name), GAMMA, INGKA Investments and HP support the 18-strong team.

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