Bitvavo is struggling with phishing scams, this is how you protect yourself

Hacks have proliferated in the cryptocurrency world this year. Almost every week on Crypto Insiders you can read about a new hack and theft in the crypto industry. Users of the popular Dutch Bitvavo exchange are now struggling with phishing scamswhich is why the exchange explains on a support page how to protect yourself.

Protection against scammers

Bitvavo has had an anti-phishing feature for a while now to protect users from scammers. This is a code that you can set yourself and may consist of numbers, letters and strange characters. on Twitter The company writes that there are currently phishing emails circulating, so it is now extra important to use the code and to check whether it is in your emails from Bitvavo.

You can turn on the function via settings on the Bitvavo site or in the app. On the website you will find the settings in the menu when you click on your name at the top right. Then click on “Security” at the top and “Anti-phishing code” directly below “Passwords.”

Bitvavo does it by the book

Bitvavo has been in the news more often recently. For example, the company tries hard to cooperate with European regulators, who are quite strict. The new MiCA legislation therefore found the exchange positive because it ensures fair competition without regulating the characteristics of cryptocurrencies.

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The trading platform is also very progressive with security measures, as is apparent from the wide range of security settings. In our review of the platform, we praised the company for its security features.

Furthermore, Bitvavo recently added support for three new tokens for strike added. With this you protect a network, you get rewarded for that. In an interview, an employee stated that the company wants to become the market leader in Europe. You can get a new one via this link Bitvavo account create.

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