Every year Quote releases a series of lists of the world’s most wealthy people. The magazine also makes these lists for the Netherlands. The latest edition is called ‘Top 100 Young Millionaires 2022’, and treats only Dutch people. Among the 100 Leading Rich Stinks are the three founders of Bitvavo.

crypto cowboys

Bitvavo is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the Benelux. That’s not so strange either; Due to the low trading costs, the large number of tokens and the extensive user interface, it is one of the mThe country’s leading trading platforms. More than 10 billion euros in digital assets are traded on Bitvavo every month, according to the platform itself

Mark Nuvelstijn, Jelle de Boer and Tim Baardse are the three founders of Bitvavo. Quote does not immediately state where they are. You will have to buy the extensive list for that. It wasn’t just about venture capitalists and “crypto cowboys,” as Quote calls the trio.

It also contains a lot of top people from a large number of other sectors. A woman has also been welcomed into the list, Sharon Hilgers of My Jewellery. For the great Dutch DJs (the fiscal year of) 2021 less positive. Due to the lack of festivals, they saw their wealth decrease.

Icomplex market

The three top men are not the only onesn from Dutch elite troops that are in crypto. Valerio Zeno is now together with Bitvavo extensively researching what exactly the phenomenon of ‘crypto’ entails and how you can best get into it. Do you want to know more about Bitvavo? Read our review and exchange page.

A healthy dose of research is also needed, because unfortunately crypto is a complicated market. Otherwise we would not have been there. We recently wrote how a small team of scammers can make a huge pump-and-dump has performed. This team, led by Vasco Rouw, is also said to have set up about twenty scams.


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