Bitvavo compensates investors after shutting down the LUNA market

How will Bitvavo LUNA compensate investors?

As we mentioned, the Dutch crypto exchange Bitvavo, has also chosen to pause LUNA trading. This means that as an investor you cannot withdraw or sell LUNA tokens.

That is very annoying for users and Bitvavo has therefore decided to compensate users. The compensation Bitvavo offers is as follows:

“Users will receive the EUR value of their LUNA the moment LUNA-EUR trading was paused 13-05-2022 8:20 AM (CET). These amounts will be automatically added to the user account later today. You will continue to hold your LUNA tokens and will be visible in the transaction history.”

So you will be refunded the value of your tokens at the time when trading was paused. You can also keep your LUNA tokens. You can then record this when the Terra blockchain has started up again. However, the question is when that will happen.

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