Bitvavo adds two promising crypto coins: Optimism (OP) and dYdX (DYDX)

Bitvavo, the largest crypto exchange in the Netherlands, has announced the addition of two new and promising crypto coins to its trading platform: Optimism (OP) and dYdX (DYDX). This addition provides users with greater diversity and opportunities to expand their investment portfolio.

What is Optimism (OP)?

Optimism (OP) is a scalability solution for Ethereum, aimed at improving speed and reducing transaction costs. By using Optimistic Rollups, Optimism increases the efficiency of the Ethereum network and makes it suitable for a wider range of applications. The addition of OP to Bitvavo makes it easier for investors to take advantage of Ethereum’s growth and demand for scalability solutions.

What is dYdX?

dYdX (DYDX) is the governance token of the decentralized trading platform of the same name, which enables traders to trade with leverage in a secure and transparent manner. The DYDX token supports layer 2 operation and enables traders, liquidity providers and partners to collectively decide on the future of the protocol. Token holders will be given the right to propose changes for tier 2 of dYdX and benefit from token staking and trading fee discounts.

DYDX is a promising player in the DeFi market, and with the addition to Bitvavo, investors can now easily participate in this growing sector.

Investing in promising projects

Bitvavo is known for its user-friendly interface and low trading fees, making it an attractive choice for both novice and experienced investors. By adding Optimism (OP) and dYdX (DYDX), Bitvavo offers its users the opportunity to invest in these promising projects and further diversify their portfolio.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in Optimism (OP) and dYdX (DYDX) on Bitvavo! Create an account today via the button below and trade $1000 with no transaction fees.

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