Home Business Bitvavo adds 2 new crypto and hands out 10 euros free airdrop

Bitvavo adds 2 new crypto and hands out 10 euros free airdrop

Bitvavo adds 2 new crypto and hands out 10 euros free airdrop

Today, the Dutch crypto exchange Bitvavo added two new altcoins to its range: Glimmer (GLMR) and Moonriver (MOVR). Of course, that also means that new users can now purchase these altcoins with their free 10 euro credit (scroll down for an explanation)! But what are these two altcoins actually? You can read a short introduction in this article.

Glimmer and Moonriver are closely connected

Moon beam, with glimmer (GLMR) as a native token, is a project based on Polkadot (DOT), the popular blockchain network that focuses on interoperability and scalability. Applications built on blockchain networks can usually only use data that is available within the network itself. In short, they are actually isolated silos.

Nowadays, more and more projects focus on interoperability. This is simply because it opens up enormous opportunities as it literally opens up a whole world when applications can also use data from other blockchains and even external sources. But where do Moonbeam and Moonriver appear in this?

Moonbeam is a so-called Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible Parachain on Polkadot. That’s quite a mouthful. The bottom line is that Moonbeam is compatible with Ethereum smart contracts. Suppose you are a developer who has a lot of experience with Solidity, the Ethereum programming language. Then you can also use your experience to build applications on Polkadot. Moonbeam can run these applications with minimal adjustments.

The advantage is that as a developer you can make the transition to the Polkadot ecosystem more easily. As a result, these applications can benefit from Polkadot’s enormous scalability and low transaction costs. In addition, the applications on Moonbeam can also easily continue to communicate with applications on Ethereum.

moon river is actually pretty much the same as Moonbeam, but is the project’s version on Kusama. That’s Polkadot’s test network where new features can be tested first before launching on the main network.

How do I get 10 euros for free on Bitvavo?

New quotes are always interesting, especially in combination with Bitvavo’s promotion. The Dutch crypto platform gives new users 10 euros free credit! How do you get your 10 euros?

  1. First click on this link and create an account.
  2. Go through all verification steps and deposit at least 1 euro
  3. You will receive your free 10 euros within 48 hours!

Bitvavo has recently added several new cryptos, with SUI recently added to the list.

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