Bitcoin will pass $100,000 in 2023, popular trader says

According to a leading crypto trader, Credible Crypto, new price highs for bitcoin (BTC) are closer than expected. But unforeseen depths are also ahead, the analyst reports via Twitter. The trader believes that bitcoin will pass the $100,000 mark by next year, but that a merciless bear market will follow.

New Highs and Deeper Lows for Bitcoin

Many voices in crypto land claim that the bottom of the current bear market has not yet been reached. Such optimism of Credible Crypto is therefore quite contrarian. But Philip Swift of the LookIntoBitcoin platform also expects a turnaround within a few months and perhaps this year.

“First, new ones all time highs; a blow-off top of over $100k. And then the biggest bear market we’ve ever seen. This one will be more extreme than the current one in terms of price drop and duration. During that bear market, prices of perhaps as much as $10,000 will be reached that everyone is currently waiting for.”

According to Credible Crypto. The analyst therefore expects an aggressive price increase towards the 100 thousand dollars that will start sometime in 2023. This rise will be followed by a bear market of unparalleled proportions, he said. He expects this next bear market to happen in 2025.

“The next bear market will be even lower than the current low of $17,600. This will give buyers the opportunity to jump in for perhaps $10,000 by 2025.”

Bitcoin price to 2 million dollars

There are also those who look even further. For example, asset manager Larry Lepard expects a generous price for bitcoin of 2 million dollars within six years. Opinions are thus fiercely divided among crypto traders and analysts. One thing is certain; and that is that in crypto land nothing is ever certain. The general consensus remains that the bear market has not bottomed out yet. However, the past has shown that bitcoin is no stranger to aggressive price increases that leave investors waiting for lower prices behind.

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