“Bitcoin will hit a new high before next year’s halving”

According to central banker and Bitcoin (BTC) investor BitQuant, the price will be at its highest Crypto Coin already for the halving reach a new high. With the halving the Halving the issuance of Bitcoin scheduled for April next year. This often accompanies big gains, but according to the analyst, Bitcoin will reach big heights before then.

The crypto analyst predicts a new high for next year’s halving

According to BitQuant it will be Bitcoin even before the halving in April 2024 All-time high (ATH) Range. However, according to the analyst, the price does not stop peaking there. According to Bitcoiner, the coin has the potential to rise to an astronomical value of $241,000 after the halving. This represents a tenfold increase in the largest coin on the market.

On X (formerly Twitter) BitQuant writes its prediction about how the rise of BTC will continue. According to him, the coin will rise sharply towards the previous ATH of $68,800 towards the end of 2023. Due to the psychological resistance there, he expects a significant decline afterwards.

After a brief sharp decline, he expects the price to double to a value of $125,000 before the halving. There, Bitcoin will experience another pullback on the way to the halving. After the halving, it expects an astronomical rise towards $241,000.

Accurate prediction for Bitcoin or wishful thinking?

The predictions about the course of the Bitcoin rate differ enormously. If you look at the history of Bitcoin in the past, an increase can be expected. Prices, on the other hand, are very difficult to predict and the opposite can also happen.

According to some, a tenfold increase in the price of Bitcoin is unacceptable Wishful thinking rather than accurately predicting. Therefore, it is important to consider different perspectives on price movements. It is advisable to always do thorough research before investing in cryptocurrencies.

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