Bitcoin price rises today, attacks again: market update

After a period of stability, Bitcoin price has finally started moving again. The price has risen again today, but the biggest obstacle has not yet been overcome.

In this overview you can read everything about Bitcoin, the fastest rises and falls among altcoins and the most important crypto news.

Bitcoin price back towards $27,400

Yesterday, Bitcoin price saw a nice increase. From the breakout at $26,700 on Monday morning, BTC ultimately rose 2.5%. However, the upward move was then completely wiped out after the price began to fall.

Today, the cops again, causing another increase. The price level at $27,400 was touched again, but once again the bulls failed to force another breakout. Today’s upward movement is an important signal:

“Bitcoin is holding the crucial level at $26,700-$26,800 and continues to rise.

This is strong and it looks like we are seeing a continuation of the upward trend here.”

However, today we saw another rejection at the $27,400 price level. At the time of writing, BTC is trading slightly lower. The cryptocurrency is trading on the Bybit cryptocurrency exchange for $27,067. On the Dutch Bitvavo the Bitcoin price in euros is 25,361.

Solana and Litecoin are among the biggest risers

There are also some nice newcomers among the altcoins. In this overview you will find the fastest climbers in the top 100 of the last 24 hours.

90.GMX (GMX)+4.5%
10. Solana (SOL)+3.6%
15. Litecoin (LTC)+3.2%
41. Arbitrum (ARB)+2.2%

The Biggest Crypto Opponents

Of course, there are also decliners among the top 100 cryptos. Nexo (NEXO) tops the list of biggest declines.

91. Nexo (NEXO)-3.5%
38. Aptos (APT)-2.3%
97. Arweave (AR)-2.2%
65. Kava (KAVA)-2.1%

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The most important crypto news

Finally, let’s take a quick look at the crypto news. What news shouldn’t you miss today? Firstly, it has been read that the CEO of Ripple believes that XRP could dethrone Bitcoin. You can read why he thinks that here.

Furthermore, Dutch analyst PlanB sticks to its price forecast. According to him, the price can increase significantly. In a new tweet, he shared a prediction he previously shared on January 12 this year.

Many Bitcoin and crypto traders are primarily focused on tomorrow. Then an important event is planned at the American central bank. Will interest rates rise or stay the same? In any case, it can have a significant impact on the Bitcoin price, so prepare well.

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