Bitcoin or XRP? These 3 NFTs cannot decrease in value

One of the most difficult tasks for a crypto investor is choosing a good project. Often cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin (BTC) or ripple (XRP) was chosen, but today there are a lot of other options available. Being one of those options NFTs. In this article, we highlight 3 NFTs that are actually difficult, if not at all, to fall in value and thus may be worth considering during the current bear market.

PostNL NFT crypto stamp

Last year, PostNL started selling unique NFT crypto stamps, the NL crypto stamp. This is both a physical stamp and an NFT that you can trade on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain. The physical part of the stamp can actually be used as such.

The price of the NL crypto stamp is 9.05 euros. That is exactly the same as a regular stamp for registered mail. What does this mean? That the NL crypto stamp is 100% stable in value, because in every scenario you still have a stamp that you can use for registered mail worth 9.05. Exactly the same as the purchase price.

On top of that there is of course the fact that you can also resell the NFT part of the NL crypto stamp. It is also not surprising to expect that the price of these NFT crypto stamps will only increase in the future, but even in the worst-case scenario, you as an investor do not actually lose any money. A unique opportunity for any trader, investor or even someone who simply needs to send a registered letter in the near future!

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You can easily create your own via the PostNL website NL crypto stamp to order!

NFTs backed by gold

Meanwhile, there are a lot of different types of NFTs. The first thing many people think of when they hear the term “NFT” are computer-generated images of monkeys or robots, but much more is possible. There are also NFTs whose value is backed by physical gold!

That means that the value of such NFTs is extremely stable! After all, gold has been known for hundreds of years as an excellent investment to protect your wealth during turbulent periods.

NFTs by renowned artists

Another type of NFTs that are very unlikely to drop in value are NFTs made by famous artists. In many cases this concerns physical works that are also ‘tokenized’ in the form of an NFT, but this is not always necessary.

The name of the artist, which is inextricably linked to such an NFT, ensures that the value of the investment can be better guaranteed, or at least does not move directly with the umbrella NFT market In many cases.

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