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Bitcoin or Apple: which was the best investment?

Early Bitcoin (BTC) investors are quickly considered very lucky in the crypto world. However, crypto investors know better than anyone that HODLing Bitcoin is no easy task. In order to end up getting away with the high yield, you have to have confidence in the underlying value. In the traditional investment world, early investors in the tech giant Apple are often referred to as lucky ones. If we compare the performance of both assets, who will emerge victorious?

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Bitcoin vs Apple

Putting the two assets side by side, obviously only Bitcoin comes into play. Apple has been listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange since December 12, 1980 under the symbol “AAPL”. The Bitcoin network, on the other hand, has been operational since January 3, 2009.

When comparing the price performance of both assets, it’s important to remember that Apple also pays dividends to its shareholders. As part of a broader financial strategy, the company began rewarding its shareholders in 2012.

First, we consider the earliest possible hypothetical investment in both assets. Apparently, in reality, there are very few people who realized this so early. Furthermore, with such unprecedented returns, you will most likely have taken your winnings once.

Apple sold with hisinitial public offering(IPO) 46 million shares for $22. If you had the guts back then to buy 50 shares for a total investment of $1,100, you would own 11,200 shares today. This is related to the total of 5 stock splits

At the current price of $189.40 per share, that translates to a net worth of just over $2.1 million

In late 2009, the New Liberty Standard Exchange recorded its first dollar-denominated bitcoin purchase. BitcoinTalk forum users exchanged 5,050 BTC for $5.02 via PayPal, making the first price set on an exchange $0.00099. An investment of 1,100 euros back then would have an astronomical value of almost 29 billion dollars today.

If you had invested $94.50 in Apple 10 years ago, you would have received exactly 6 shares in return. This investment would be worth 1,136.40 euros today. If you had put the same amount into Bitcoin 10 years ago, it would be worth a whopping 18,402.63 today.

Looking only at returns, Bitcoin emerges as the winner. However, nobody knows what the future will hold and therefore betting on a horse is not the most sensible choice. Outside crypto Stocks like AAPL can be an interesting addition to a diverse portfolio.

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