Bitcoin liquidity as low as before crash, next bank to collapse

Bitcoin (BTC) may have been less exciting than expected this week. However, the price was briefly volatile yesterday, shooting from $29,000 to a peak of $29,450 in the morning before plummeting all the way back to $28,700. Last night, bitcoin recovered and broke through the $29,000 mark again. At the time of writing, the price comes in at $29,095 on Binance and $26,380 on Bitvavo.

This means that the bitcoin price is just 0.1% up today. Trading volume fell 13% in the last 24 hours. The total market capitalization is $564 billion and the dominance is 47.2%. The Fear & Greed Index comes out at 61 (Greed).

Macroeconomic data: interest rate, unemployment

Around the time of the price drop, the European Central Bank (ECB) announced an interest rate hike of 0.25% yesterday, as expected. However, it is hard to say whether this accelerated bitcoin’s decline.

In the US yesterday the so-called initial jobless claims published. This measures the number of people who applied for unemployment insurance for the first time last week. These came in lower than expected and that, together with the ECB interest rate increase, was positive for the dollar, albeit short-lived. Still, this may have briefly pushed bitcoin down.

More important macroeconomic data may follow later today. The unemployment figures are particularly important to keep an eye on. The unemployment rate measures the percentage of the U.S. population that was unemployed last month.

Another US bank in trouble

Meanwhile, the banking crisis continues to worsen, despite Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell saying this week that the US banking system is β€œsound and resilient.”

Earlier this week, Pacwest Bancorp turned out to be in trouble, and now Western Alliance Bancorp is also in trouble. There are rumors that the bank is considering selling, but the bank itself denies that.

Bitcoin liquidity and spot volume

As we wrote earlier this week, liquidity for bitcoin is very low and continues to decline. According to CCData, the so-called market depth is as low as it was in May 2022, shortly before the crash, Barchart reports.

Spot trading volume also decreased by almost 70% last month, reports analyst James V. Straten.

Gold hits new record

Not only bitcoin, but also gold is enjoying the banking crisis. The gold price made a significant increase this week and even reached a new one yesterday all time high around $2,080 each troy ounce. Central banks will buy a record amount of gold in 2023, analyst Krishan Gopaul reports.

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