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Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto remained silent for exactly 13 years

Bitcoin bedenker Satoshi Nakamoto exact 13 jaar stil

Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous founder of Bitcoin (BTC), last spoke publicly exactly thirteen years ago. On December 12, 2011, the genius posted his last message on the Bitcointalk forum. There was no farewell message at all; With a banal message, Satoshi quietly stepped out of the spotlight.

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Last post BTC founder

The post in question was a technical commentary aimed at boosting Bitcoin Denial of service (DoS) attacks. Satoshi wrote that Bitcoin’s software was “completely not resistant” to such an attack, which is why he came up with an improvement. “This is an improvement, but there are still more ways to attack than I can count,” Satoshi said.

Bitcointalk is a well-known forum that was launched in 2009, just like the Bitcoin network. In the network’s early years, it was a central meeting place for early Bitcoin enthusiasts. Satoshi has also made a lot of noise in this forum.

On April 23, 2011, Satoshi wrote his final email indicating that he had withdrawn from the project. This email was a response from Satoshi to software developer Mike Hearn. Hearn asked if Satoshi planned to buy Bitcoin Community whether he wanted to re-enter or whether he wanted to stay out of the spotlight forever. “I have moved on to other things.” “Bitcoin is in good hands,” Satoshi said at the time.


Bitcoin anniversaries

Some time ago, on October 31st, it was also 15 years ago White paper was introduced to the world by Satoshi. The nine-page document explains the idea behind Bitcoin.

In addition, we are approaching the anniversary of the Bitcoin network itself. On January 3, 2009, the very first transaction block, aka “Genesis Block” called, mined by Satoshi himself. It marks the official launch of the decentralized network and in just over 3 weeks it will already have been 15 years.

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