Bitcoin historically performs strongest in Q4, but also in bear market?

This year has been anything but rosy for the bitcoin (BTC) and crypto market in general. However, analytics firm Delphi Digital leaves some room for cautious optimism in the short term. The company reports in a new monthly report that bitcoin has historically performed best in the fourth quarter of the year. However, there is a catch.

Bitcoin woes not over yet?

Whether bitcoin can also deliver a positive performance this quarter remains to be seen. Indicators based on historical patterns are never a guarantee. Based on all the data since bitcoin’s inception, quarter four was the most profitable.

However, that is not the case during a bear market. During a bear market, the first and fourth quarters are actually the worst performing periods for bitcoin historically and we are currently in a brutal bear market.

According to the research, the current bear market is historically proceeding as expected. Bitcoin may be the short term bulls so cannot yet satisfy and that eyes should be focused on the sunny spring days of quarter two.

Although various figures in crypto land claim that the price is around a macro bottom, there are also plenty of analysts who are more pessimistic. So warns the well-known Twitter analyst Crypto Capo for a final capitulation. This latest sell-off, he says, could push bitcoin down to $12,000.

Patience in crypto pays off

Whichever way you look at it, the fundamental bitcoin data seems to be fine. Although the exact timeline can be speculated about, we can be hopeful. A large group of bitcoiners are still holding on to their BTC despite the tough market conditions.

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Bitcoin whales also seem to be accumulating BTC again around the current price. Bear markets demand a lot of patience from crypto owners. But the past has shown that patience during so-called crypto winters pays off.

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