Bitcoin has a high Ken content, says Barbie’s Margot Robbie

The movie Barbie premiered on July 21. It was an instant success, no other movie this year was as popular in its first weekend as Barbie. In an interview, Barbie protagonist Margot Robbie describes how two film producers talked about bitcoin (BTC) between film sets. The internet is divided on exactly what she means by this.

Barbie actress positive or negative about Bitcoiners?

In an interview with fandago she explains that between film sets she overheard her husband and film producer Tom Ackerley talking about bitcoin with television producer David Heyman. She described this as characteristic of ‘Ken’, Barbie’s companion with whom she has adventures in the film.

Not everyone in the crypto community agrees on exactly what this means. Robbie himself also states that ‘it is difficult to define what constitutes a Ken’, and also that ‘Ken energy’ can be positive. “It’s not something you can define, it’s something you feel,” says Robbie.

In any case, the comment went viral within the crypto world. MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor seems to agree on Twitter, though he didn’t elaborate.

Bitcoin bull Yugocana takes to Twitter to question whether the community has gone “mainstream,” and thus whether it is now socially acceptable to be “openly Bitcoiner.”

However, not everyone sees it so positively. The Bitcoiner Layah Heilpern – and note the first woman in this list – declares that Robbie finds Bitcoiners weak and ridiculous. “This was not intended in a positive way,” said Heilpern. Unfortunately, the Australian actress did not elaborate further on the details.

Bitcoin price is stable

In any case, the comment and the Barbie movie have not yet caused a major shock wave for the bitcoin price. This is still firmly around $ 29,200 or 26,500 euros. Since the beginning of this week, the price has only fallen a few percent – ​​almost negligible in crypto terms.

Fortunately, there are also positive signs. For example, there are currently many stablecoins ready to be invested on crypto exchanges. This may suggest that we are in a bull market and that the price may rise further.

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