Bitcoin goes to $ 54,500: ATH in the sights at $ 64,800!

Bitcoin’s price reached $ 54,500 during this trading session. Its BTC value took $ 2,000 in a matter of minutes. Over the past 24 hours, its price has increased by 8.64%. It is the only top crypto to post this performance.

Bitcoin’s market capitalization is back above 1,000 billion. What is still surprising is its progression over the last 15 days. The value of bitcoin has risen from $ 40,398 as of September 21 to $ 54,500 as of this writing.

Everything seems to indicate a remake of the bull run of 2020. We have the bitcoin which is highest in the first place and the other cryptos will follow. The scenario looks so similar. At the start of the morning, it was only Bitcoin showing positive growth among the top 10 cryptos.

What happened to Bitcoin?

Unlike the day of September 7 when an over-liquidation of leveraged positions had plunged the price of bitcoin. At present, it is rather the reverse. Over-charge over over $ 27 million worth of bitcoin in the span of 10 minutes helped crypto earn $ 2,000.

Expert Will Clemente explains the scenario to us on his twitter account:

> $ 26.2M in short Bitcoin liquidations in 10 minutes


What are the experts saying about this new breakout?

From the top of its 1.1 million subscribers thinks the bitcoin breakout above $ 53,000 is a signal of the new BTC bull run. He posted on his account:

The second stage of the bitcoin bull market has begun.

I don’t think most of you understand that the $ BTC breakout takes us past $ 100k in the next few weeks.

the current zones are plotted.

Weekly close above $ 53,000 and we’ll likely see $ 70,000 in the near term.

If we close below, we have the potential for a retest of the $ 36-38,000 area.

It sounds solid.

The trend is more likely to be up, but it is always good to be aware of both scenarios.

#BTC’s downtrend is over

$ BTC #Crypto #Bitcoin

Honestly, I think we’ll continue to see the strength on #Bitcoin.

USDT pairs will be fine on #altcoins, but maybe we’ll have 6-8 weeks of corrections on $ BTC pairs, before a new party begins.

December / January is often the best time to buy alts.

A trillion dollars in market capitalization isn’t cool.

Do you know what’s cool?

100 trillion dollars smiley face with sunglasses

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