Bitcoin Gets Served by Cookie Monster: A Multi-Billionaire Take

No, it’s not a scene from Sesame Street. Michael Dell, CEO of PC maker Dell Technologies, posted an image of the Sesame Street Monster on X last Friday, following a brief exchange on the platform with Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy.

It all started when Michael Dell tweeted “Scarcity creates value,” which led to a response from Michael Saylor, who couldn’t resist jumping in with a response, with a hashtag: “Bitcoin is Digital Scarcity.” Dell, clearly intrigued, retweeted the response, humorously depicted as devouring bitcoins instead of cookies.

Dell subsequently posted an image of the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, humorously depicted as devouring bitcoins instead of cookies, and added: “This is a great account to follow. Very entertaining.”

However, people are wondering: Is the tech billionaire getting the crypto jitters? On the one hand, the Cookie Monster may represent the insatiable hunger some have to acquire Bitcoin. On the other hand, Cookie Monster has evolved over the years to symbolize the opposite of what the character originally stood for: teaching children about moderation and self-control.

So perhaps Dell is hinting at a more balanced approach to crypto. Or maybe he just thought it was a funny meme.

Although Michael Dell recognized the potential of blockchain technology, he was previously skeptical of Bitcoin. Dell Technologies has a long history with Bitcoin and began accepting BTC as a form of payment in July 2014, marking a groundbreaking move at the time as one of the largest e-commerce companies to embrace this strategy.

However, the situation changed in 2017. Despite the initial excitement, Dell stopped accepting bitcoin payments that year. The pilot program was discontinued due to weak demand, making continued use of this payment method impractical for the company.

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Although Dell Technologies is comfortable with $34.6 billion in current assets (including a significant $5.8 billion in cash), there is no mention of Bitcoin anywhere in their recent balance sheet. So for now, their relationship with crypto seems more like a playful flirtation than a serious commitment.

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