Bitcoin friendly app launches innovative solution in Apple battle

The hatchet in the fight between Damus, the decentralized twitter alternative on IOS, and Apple seemed to be buried recently after the social media platform made its concessions. Tipping bitcoin (BTC) on posts turned out to be against Apple’s guidelines, forcing Damus to surrender. In the meantime, however, the app seems to have come up with an innovative solution that may have more chance of success.

Blockchain app VS Apple

To be precise, it was Damus’ so-called ‘zaps function’ that was not allowed according to the tech giant. Apple saw the bitcoin function as payments in exchange for digital content and this should only take place via in-app purchases. Damus opened the counterattack by stating that it can only be seen as a tip after a user has posted content on the platform.

However, it turned out not to be enough to convince Apple and so the application had only two choices: be removed from the App Store or make the bitcoin function suitable. It chose the latter option and enabled the zap transactions only at the profile level.

Bitcoin feature is making a comeback

However, two independent developers have now come up with a workaround to bring the removed feature back to life. On July 6, barely two weeks after Damus modified its app to please Apple, the new service called ‘Zapple Pay’ was launched.

Zapple Pay enables bitcoin tipping through emojis. Users can tip by simply commenting a preset emoji under a post. Since commenting emojis is allowed, the app’s users can once again perform zap transactions on other people’s posts.

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The two developers behind Zapple Pay are Ben Carman and Paul Miller. They are also co-founders of Mutiny Wallet, a browser-based self-custodial bitcoin wallet.

Users who want to try the new service just need to download their public key from Nostr, provide an emoji and a link to a wallet. Nostr is the parent network of Damus, among others.

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