Bitcoin fans are excited after notable Super Bowl performances

The annual Super Bowl took place last night. This is the finale of the American football season. As always, the celebrities were present and Krypto also made an appearance. This time with President Joe Biden and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey in the lead roles.

Support Biden crypto?!

The Kansas City Chiefs won the game in overtime against the San Francisco 49’ers 25:22. Without a doubt, a very exciting edition of the Super Bowl. But after the game, a photo of President Biden with the famous Bitcoin (BTC) laser eyes suddenly appeared on social media.

Although many Bitcoin fans thought that the social media post was actually related to Bitcoin, everything is a little different. It follows on from the so-called “Dark Brandon” meme that has been circulating in the United States for some time.

A little explanation. Pop singer Taylor Swift’s boyfriend is Chiefs player Travis Kelce. According to the meme conspiracy theory, the president influenced the contest so that Taylor Swift openly supported Joe Biden.

The article takes up this with the “devilish” red eyes. Above the post it says “Exactly as we thought it would be”, something like “exactly as we planned it”. So the post has nothing to do with Bitcoin. It was just an attempt by Biden’s social media team to make him seem cool and hip. Notably, the Biden administration is overwhelmingly anti-cryptocurrencies.

Crypto fans were quick to react to the post. WhalePanda calls it “a whole new level of cultural appropriation.”

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Jack Dorsey wears a Bitcoin t-shirt

Fortunately, there was a more concrete and positive reference to crypto in the competition. For example, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey wore a T-shirt with “Satoshi” written on it. Satoshi obviously refers to Satoshi Nakamoto, the famous founder of the Bitcoin network.

Dorsey has been an outspoken supporter of Bitcoin for years. So it’s no surprise that Dorsey, of all people, appears in public wearing a Satoshi T-shirt. He sat next to the couple Beyoncé and rapper Jay-Z. Dorsey and the rapper run a Bitcoin fund together. With this fund they finance crypto lessons for disadvantaged people in India and African countries.

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