Bitcoin exchange Huobi and Visa bring debit cards to Europe

Many crypto exchanges and other companies in the industry are struggling, but that doesn’t mean they stop innovating. Huobi revealed last month that it is co-developing a debit card with Visa. Now the crypto exchange announces that it will also be available in Europe.

Bitcoin exchange cooperates with Visa for payment card

In the past few years, there have been many companies that introduced debit cards that are connected one way or another with the crypto world. For example, Binance has developed a crypto debit card for Argentina together with Mastercard. Coinbase and Visa also release their version in the Netherlands. Even hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger has one.

Some companies opt for a regular debit card (a debit card), others opt for a credit card. In all cases you can pay with crypto currency, with your tokens automatically converted to fiat currency.

Huobi also has one, for which it has partnered with Visa. The advantage of such a pass is that you can earn cashbacks and also use your tokens for strike. If you pay with Huobi Token (HT) you get extra cashbacks. Worldwide, 80 million payment points support Visa cards. He is also coming to all countries in the European Economic Area (EEA), Huobi writes in a new press release. The EEA includes all countries that are also part of the European Union, including the Netherlands.

Huobi in heavy weather

The crypto exchange is still one of the largest, but it may be in a dire financial situation. That is why it has already had to lay off a large part of its staff. This led to significant outflows, prompting Huobi board member Justin Sun to put a substantial amount on the exchange to regain customer trust.

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Huobi’s pass is not a free ticket for a lack of exchange problems. The now bankrupt exchange FTX has also introduced such a card, but in the meantime the company has gone bankrupt. So it says nothing about Huobi’s financial stability.

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