Bitcoin developer loses $3.5 million in BTC after hack

New Year is usually a festive event, but not for everyone. A core developer of Bitcoin (BTC) has lost all his bitcoins due to a hack. Luke Dashjr reports this on his Twitter. It would be about 217 BTC worth more than $ 3.5 million.

Bitcoin developer has lost all his BTC

It’s a painful start to the new year for Dashjr. “My PGP key has been compromised and at least many of my bitcoins have been stolen. I have no idea how. Please help,” read a tweet he sent on Jan. 1.

The developer, who claims to be the longest contributing Bitcoin Core developer, even asks the FBI for help a little later. However, they did not respond, after which Dashjr tweeted: “Never mind, it’s almost all gone.”

It is not clear exactly what happened. When asked if he had any idea what happened, he simply replied “no idea.” In further replies to his followers, he is curt and does not give away much information. Not surprising since he just lost millions of dollars in bitcoin.

Do not use Bitcoin Knots wallet!

Dashjr does give a clear one warning against using Bitcoin Knots, software that is both a Bitcoin node and wallet. According to him, the software could be one of the vulnerabilities that caused him to lose all his BTC.

However, thanks to the transparency of the blockchain, the bitcoins can be tracked. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao also offered his help. “I have informed our security team to keep an eye on the matter. If it comes our way, we will freeze it.” said CZ.

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It is painful that a core developer of Bitcoin falls victim to a hack. However, it immediately shows that anyone can become a victim, whether you are an experienced developer or not. Binance’s CEO took advantage of the event to draw extra attention to the risks involved in managing your wallets yourself.

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