Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto is now a ChatGPT bot

Two artificial intelligence (AI) enthusiasts have trained a ChatGPT bot to mimic the creator of Bitcoin (BTC). It concerns Pierre Corbin and Hugo Ferrer who launched a chatbot called “Talk2Satoshi” on May 31. The bot has been trained on all public writings that could be found from Satoshi Nakamoto.

Ideal for Bitcoin education

According to one of the creators had built the project in just a few weeks. They achieved this by training OpenAI’s ChatGPT model on specific data. In addition to the limited emails and documents available from Satoshi, the training data also includes economic books that endorse Bitcoin’s philosophy. One such book is “The Bitcoin Standard” by author Saifedean Ammous, who recently became an advisor to El Salvador.

According to co-developer Corbin, Nakamoto’s bot is a useful tool for educational purposes. Instead of reading all the books yourself, you can ask the bot specific questions. The bot clearly explains how Bitcoin works, how it is mined and what satoshis are. When asked about his true identity, the bot replies as you might expect from the real Satoshi Nakamoto:

“My real name is not important. What matters is the decentralization of power that Bitcoin represents and the potential it has to revolutionize financial systems.”

The chatbot gives typical answers in the mind of the Bitcoin creator. When asked whether the current debts in our system will cause problems, the bot gives a typical answer:

“The future of sustainable debt in an inflationary world is in doubt… Our monetary system has its flaws and a sustainable long-term solution is necessary.”

Mixed answers about Ordinals and BRC-20

On other questions, the Satoshi bot has a considerably more difficult time and mixed answers arise. Despite its in-depth knowledge, the model lacks information about more recent Bitcoin developments such as the Ordinals protocol and BRC-20 tokens. As a result, it sometimes raised contradictory reactions to these topics. In a response, the bot states that Bitcoin is “not intended for storing or transmitting images or other data.” In another response to the same question, the bot sees Ordinals as “a fascinating and creative application of cryptography”.

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