“Bitcoin Can Protect Citizens,” Conservative Think Tank Says

The American Heritage Foundation is a leading conservative think tank. It deals with almost all issues that play a role in American society, including the crypto industry. According to Heritage Foundation president Kevin Roberts, bitcoin (BTC) even able to financially protect US citizens.

Bitcoin experiment

Roberts made this statement during a panel discussion called “Bitcoin and the American Experiment.” According to Robert, bitcoin could be one of the most revolutionary innovations of all time and could protect Americans. According to Roberts, this is because bitcoin, unlike fiat currencies, is not created out of ‘nothing’.

“Bitcoin can protect Americans because it cannot be created out of thin air.”

The panel also hosted several American legislators and politicians. One of those people is a senator Cynthia Lummis† She agreed with Roberts’ statements and indicated that it is important that regulation is introduced in the United States that will bring clarity, without losing innovation.

She is currently working on a new bill that will consider this regulation. According to Lummis, this law, if passed of course, will ensure that bitcoin “will rise again like a phoenix,”

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor and Texas Governor Ted Cruz also made their appearance at the crypto panel.

Strict bitcoin regulation

The Heritage Foundation also took a hard line at the strict position that regulators in the United States have towards the crypto industry. It was argued that it is particularly bad that the American Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) still no bitcoin mockery ETF, or stock market fund, has approved.

“After years of numerous applications by responsible applicants, not a single exchange-traded Bitcoin fund has yet been approved, even when many riskier commodity derivatives were joyfully given the green light.”

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